2018-19 Board of Directors


Colleen Farrell, President

Teri Hay, President-elect

Ann Hodgson, Past President

Becky Lewis, Secretary

Marta Lindrose, Treasurer


Board of Directors

Sara Gillespie, Members-at-Large

Kathy Israelson, Member-at-Large

Michelle Médal, Member-at-Large

Chris Rhoda, Member-at-Large


Our 2018-19 Committee Chairs are:

Fund Raising – Marta Lindrose

PR –  Michelle Médal

Advocacy – Colleen Yuskewich & Pat Van

Membership – Ann Hodgson

Service/EducateZ – Tommie Atanasoff

Flash Editors – Ann Hodgson & Chris Rhoda

Web Master – Michelle Médal


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