CEDAW Goals in Boulder County and Around Colorado

World-wide studies show that Women are roughly 50% of the world’s population. In the US, in Colorado and in Boulder are are working to focus our cities on how to support women in terms of:

  • Economic security
  • Violence against vulnerable genders
  • LGBTQI and Human Rights
  • Civic engagement
  • Leaders in STEM
  • Workplace policies
  • Health and reproductive rights
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Human trafficking
  • The environment

To date 53 U.S cities and towns  have signed on to CEDAW or are in the process. Connecticut just signed a state-wide CEDAW ordinance. Signing a CEDAW Ordinance means that government is stepping in to lead in Colorado by addressing the inequalities that are embedded in our culture.

By signing a CEDAW Ordinance, or at least starting with a CEDAW Resolution, a community shows that they have a structured plan to systematically address these critical issues that perpetuate discrimination against women..

Boulder may not be the biggest city in the state or the nation but we are certainly one of the most popular, ad we are well known for our progressive philosophies, inclusivity and diversity. We will continue to work with Boulder and surrounding communities to support this important resolution.

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