Zing for Zonta 2020

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Our fundraising efforts each year ensure The Zonta Foothills Foundation supports projects both locally and internationally.  Our primary fund raising project is Zing for Zonta,  a unique talent showcase with local performers competing for the benefit of Zonta EducateZ and the other local and international projects supported by The Zonta Foothills Foundation. This event is held at eTown, the unique Boulder stage and unites the community through music.


Zing for Zonta: Boulder’s Got Talent will return to eTown on April 24, 2020.



We rely on sponsorships and donations to make our work possible

Here’s how your contribution to the Zonta Foothills Foundation helps finance these efforts:

  • a $50 contribution buys five computer mice
  • $100 sponsors transportation for five girls on local college campus visits
  • a $150 donation buys one refurbished computer for a high school graduate.
  • $500 supports Zonta’s  training for HIV prevention in Rwanda
  • $1000 sponsors one YWPA scholarship
  • a $5000 gift will endow the Zonta EducateZ scholarship
  • $10,000 supports the groundbreaking work of an Amelia Earhart  scholar.

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