Presenting Our Zing Emcee Ellen Burnes and Featured Artist Patty Jackson!

Ellen and Elliott

The evening wouldn’t be complete without our emcees Ellen Burnes and her celebrated pub Elliott!  What a pair!
Ellen will strike up the band and get everyone in the room on their feet. But don’t worry Elliot will save you;  he is not a lively socialite but rather, the more serious of the pair

 Elliott is a 5-year-old pug whose dog house walls are covered with the blue ribbons from his many obedience competitions.  Elliott entered a competitive training environment at 4 months old and loves to perform. He is proud to be an example of defying stereotypes; after hearing “pugs can’t do that” one time too often, he decided to prove them all wrong. Elliot helps people understand that anything is possible. In his free time, he enjoys resting in laps and looking for snacks. Like any good Zontian he always has time for his community service. Currently, he is working as a classroom assistant at Colorado State University helping undergraduate students  relax and focus on his mom’s lectures. He is also a reading assistant in a number of local Elementary Schools. Elliot is an avid hiker and has even summited Bear Peak.  He would like to add a 14-er to his achievements, but only if the weather is good. Elliott loves children, cats and bunnies.

Ellen is Elliott’s “mom” and trainer.  She is a Zonta Foothills Club member and an avid women’s advocate. When she is not serving Elliott, she is a professor at CSU in the College of Business where she teaches Finance.  She is very proud of her students, and especially the young women who are entering University-wide research competitions, leading teams in Finance challenges, and earning coveted spots on our University-sponsored investment fund. Ellen is also a dedicated community servant, working with organizations like the Boulder County Democrats, Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA), Zonta, and Community Food Share.

Our Featured Artist

Patty Jackson


When Patty Jackson was 15 years old, she was given a free ticket to a Joan Baez concert. This changed her life forever. Pretty soon, she was seen bicycling all over town with a guitar on her back, looking for the next jam, sing along or any opportunity to learn some new tricks from the masters.

In the 80’s and 90’s, she was in a series of bands and duos playing pop cover tunes in bars and clubs throughout the central NY area. She hit her stride when she formed a trio called “Wildfire”. A mellow fusion of folk, classical and jazz with guitar, flute, violin and stunning harmonies. Wildfire toured in NY and throughout New England playing to sold out audiences on college campuses, folk clubs and coffeehouses.

Patty came to Colorado to be a student at the Song School in Lyons and fell in love with the state. She has been playing with bands and trios around the state ever since. Her trio “Something About Lulu” is a huge crowd pleaser!


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