What Does Membership Mean?

book sorting novemberMember Responsibilities

Membership is a responsibility that requires some dedication, time and commitment but results in a sense of purpose, camaraderie and the joy of making a difference. Members are asked to participate in service activities, educational events,  fundraising efforts and advocacy projects. There is no requirement to meet a certain number of volunteer hours; members volunteer their time according to their own schedule. Members serve on one of the following committees:

  • Service and Zonta EducateZ
  • Fundraising
  • Advocacy
  • Public Relations and
  • Membership.

Members are encouraged to volunteer to serve in leadership roles within the organization.


IMG_0795Membership Process

Prospective members are asked to attend two club functions to be eligible for membership.  New members are inducted into the club at our monthly business meeting.  At that time new members will join a committee and participate in club activities.



If you are interested in joining our work contact us. If you wish to attend a business meeting to find out more, you are welcome any second Thursday of the month (September-May).

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