Building a Culture of Respect: “Smart Parenting in a World With Sexting”

Sexting has become a common form of sexual expression and, unfortunately, also a tool for manipulation, exploitation and sexual assault. We know that middle and high school students are some of the most enthusiastic and vulnerable participants in this sexting environment.


Because Zonta Foothills Club of Boulder County is working hard to create a Culture of Respect in our community we are partnering with  the Parent Engagement Network to sponsor:


Smart Parenting in a World of Sexting: A Panel for Parents

Thursday, February 8, 6:30-8 pm

Boulder High School Library

1604 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder

Parents need the tools and knowledge to help their children maintain healthy and empowering relationships.  “Smart Parenting in a World With Sexting” will provide those tools. Parent Engagement Network and Zonta Foothills Club of Boulder County are sponsoring an informative panel and workshop, designed to help you help your children, navigate the challenges of healthy relationships and interactions (sexual and otherwise).

We will bring you a panel of experts from Prevention Educators at MESA (Moving to End Sexual Assault) and SPAN (Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence) and the Boulder District Attorney. They will discuss the anti-sexting legislation in House Bill 17-1302 and its impact on Colorado youth, the legal guidelines of consent with sexting and the related ramifications, and empower you with bystander intervention tools.

Join us!  For more information contact




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