sonta says noAdvocacy is an important part of the work of Zonta Foothills.  While remaining nonpartisan, Zonta Foothills advocates for laws, legislation and attitudes that will improve the status of women.  By accepting this role, each member of Zonta Foothills Club will challenge themselves to become a voice for women and children locally and around the world.  It’s a goal we can work together.

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is the expression of support for, or opposition to, a cause, argument or proposal. Advocacy actions may include influencing laws, legislation or attitudes.

What is Zonta advocacy?

Zonta advocacy is an action taken in “the public interest” or for “the greater good” with respect to empowering women and girls gender violence 16 days logoand their human rights.

The International Advocacy Committee encourages districts/regions, areas and clubs to use the below resources to increase advocacy actions at the district/region, area and club levels. Use the resources for training at district/region, area and club levels.

Here are some current articles & credible reports to  keep you informed about women’s issues.

Colorado Center on Law and Policy Annual Report

‘Why Climate Change is a Women’s Rights Issue’ 

‘At the Crossroads: Women’s Rights After 2015’ 

UN Millennium Development Goals 2015 – Final Assessment Report – Gender  


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