Zonta Says No Sending a Powerful Message

rally large sign IMG_1722IMG_1832IMG_1789Did you know that:

  • In a single day in 2011, 1,317 victims of domestic violence were served by community-based programs in Colorado.
  • Forty-seven percent of women in Colorado aged 18 and older (approximately 897,000?
    women) have experienced sexual violence other than rape in their lifetime, which is a
    slightly higher proportion than in the United States overall (45 percent)?
  • Colorado has the sixth highest lifetime prevalence of rape in the nation: nearly one in
    four women in the state (24 percent, or an estimated 451,000) has been a victim of rape?
  • In 2011, a total of 2,236 forcible rapes were reported by law enforcement agencies in Colorado, which represents a three percent increase from the number of forcible rapes reported in 2010 (Colorado Bureau of Investigation 2011a)?
  • On average, 33 percent of women who have been in a relationship report that they have experienced some form of physical or sexual violence by their partner?
  • Colorado’s rate of female victimization from rape is the sixth highest in the nation: nearly one in four women aged 18 and older in the state—an estimated 451,000, or 24 percent—has been raped in her lifetime, compared with 18 percent of women in the United States as a whole?

*Statistics from The Status of Women and Girls in Colorado Report, Colorado Women’s Foundation.

With these frightening statistics in mind we are taking action. This year support Zonta Says No! our club has had an in depth plan to spread our message throughout Boulder County and Take action.

We started with the “20 Minutes of Action” Rally at CU haven’t stopped in trying to create a Culture of Respect throughout our schools that protects women from secxual intimidation and reaching even more deeply to respect all students, teachers and members of our community. Here is our story. 

September 23
20 Minutes of Action
We co-sponsored a CU Rally entitled “20 minutes of Actio" that more than 200 people attended. Local TV and print media attended this rally which was named from a quote by the father of a former Stanford University athlete convicted on multiple charges of sexual assault, the father told the press said his son should not have to go to prison for “20 minutes of action”. This rally brought the community together. MESA, the CU Women’s Resource Center, The Watershed School, and students of University of Colorado Boulder were one with Zonta Foothills Club in saying “No” to sexual violence on campus.

September 27
Boulder Valley Schools Board of Education on Zonta Says No. We had a contingent of speakers attend a public session to describe Zonta Says No! and urge the board of education to act. Our speakers included: Zonta members Julie Martinez and Kay Meyer, Camilo Casas (Men Standing Up Coordinator, Moving to End Sexual Assault), Adela Aguirre (Boulder High School student and PantherZ Z Club President) , Libby Symes (CU Student and Boulder HS alumna) and Pat Vann a psychologist. Our call to action was the creation of a task force to look at possible curriculums for K-12 that address gender, relationships, bullying and others related to violence against women. We are following up with individual meetings with board members to follow up on implementation.

September 28
Front Range Community College Silent Witness Project Working with Women’s History class taught by Professor Mary Ann Grimm, Swe created and hung Silent Witness silhouettes all around their local campus. They also hung fliers in every bathroom stall on campus urging victims to “Make the Call” and providing 24-hour hotline numbers for MESA and St Vrain Safe Shelter. It contains the ZSN logo and encourage victims to call MESA or St Vrain Safe Shelter for help.

October 5-12
The Boulder High School PantherZ Z Club ZSN Project Our club made 25 Silent Witness silhouettes in black (for sexual violence story) and yellow (for rape culture story) which will they hung in the school’s library. They also hung bathroom “Make the Call” Flier in bathrooms and bulletin boards throughout the school. Finally, the club produced a 40 second video for the school's Panther TV to ask their school to sign in the "Culture of Respect" pledge. A banner of the pledge and a large sign up flier is hung in the school's central hall.

October 27
Club members and community guests = viewed a screening of Audrie & Daisy, an impactful documentary that tells the real tragedy of a rape culture in a small Missouri town

November 10
This fundraiser supports Moving to End Sexual Assault. All funds raised will help to maintain the 24-hour hotline, educational work, victim support and other efforts, to help stem sexual violence in our community. We were proud to exhibit our 25 Zonta Says NO Silent Witness silhouettes, and our Zonta Says No! information at this event. Our participation brought our Zonta International message to more than 200 Boulder County supporters. Ten club members also worked at the event helping set up and manage the silent auction.

November 19
"Culture of Respect Campaign" The men's and women’s basketball teams at Fairview and Boulder High Schools are working together to support the Culture of Respect. The women's team captains at Fairview put together a full Culture of Respect plan and secured the men's team's support to promote in the pledge . They then hosted a two-hour session where 70 athletes created and hung their own Silent Witness display around the school.

This Boulder High School basketball program is also participating in the Culture of Respect. Working with the school's PantherZ Z Club, they will be gathering signatures.
At the January 27 cross town duel the two school will come mid-court in support of the pledge and urge their fans to sign on and create this community-wide culture.


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