Front Range Community College Says NO!

IMG_1743What an inspiration to have a group of dedicated young men and women  reaching out to their school community with a powerful message. WE SAY NO!

In support of Zonta Says NO, students  at Front Range Community College IMG_1738produced Silent Witness silhouettes. Students in the Women’s Studies class taught by MaryAnn Grim dedicated class time to cut and hang and exhibit in their school that is very powerful. Their work informs the student body of this statistic that 1 in 4 women experience sexual violence on college campuses in the US. Together they are working to change that at their Longmont campus.IMG_1747

The silhouettes were hung throughout the hallways that pass between the school Community Center and the classrooms creating a powerful display that everyone will see.

But the group did more than make a statement. they took action.  Using our make the call flier longmont“Make the Call” fliers, they covered the walls of their bathrooms and bathroom stalls to reach out to victims who may not have made a call for help. The fliers give the 24 hotline number for both Longmont-base  Safe Shelter of St Vrain Valley and Moving to End Sexual Assault.

The dedication of these students will help make their campus a safer place!

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