Zonta Foothills Club Says “NO” at CU’s 20 Minutes of Action

rally large signZonta and Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA) were working to schedule our own CU rally but then we met Sofia, Libby and Emily, three CU students who were tired of sitting back and accepting things as they are…They wanted to CU5 take action to address a problem that  seei on the University of Colorado Boulder campus. They wanted to raise awareness to “rape culture”.  So they posted their plan to sit in silence for “20 minutes of action” against sexual violence on their personal Facebook pages and they started a fire storm.  A few meetings with these confirmed young women and we had great partners for Zonta Says NO!IMG_1705

Over 150 people were on hand for the rally which was named after a quote by the father of a former Stanford University athlete convicted on multiple charges of sexual assault, who said his son should not have to go to prison for “20 minutes of action”. This event CU 3brought the community together. MESA, the CU Women’s Resource CenterThe Watershed School, and students of University of Colorado Boulder were one in saying “No” to sexual violence on campus.

Zontians  were there in force setting everything up,  handing out our ZSN orange t shirts,  holding the giant ZSN sign up, and all helping to be sure that our important message was heard around Boulder County. CU4

CU 2

Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women.


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