Estephany graduationBy helping young women continue their education Zonta Foothills Club is helping to insure economic self sufficiency. We know that education makes a difference.

In 2011- 13 Colorado families headed by single moms have the lowest median annual income of all family types  and 1 in 10 Colorado women (18 or older) had family incomes below or near the federal poverty level. These numbers are directly correlated with the level of completed education.

  • 27% of women with less than a high school education live in poverty
  • 15% with high school diploma live in poverty
  • 11% with some college live in poverty
  • 4% with a bachelors degree or higher live in poverty.

These statistics inspire us to support women and girls through our scholarship programs.  Zonta Foothills is very proud of our support through the:

 Zonta EducateZ Scholarship

Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) Award

Amelia Earhart Fellowship

Jane M. Klausman Women in Business

Bev Hackbart Scholarship

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