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The Zonta EducateZ Scholarship was created to make returning to or staying in school feasible for women who face significant financial barriers to higher education.  Its goal is to make returning to, or staying in school a reality. The Zonta EducateZ Scholarship is awarded to a woman who:

  • wants to return to post secondary school,
  • faces significant financial barriers to attending a college, university or any accredited institution,
  • is committed to becoming self-sufficient through education.

To qualify for this scholarship award the applicant must:

  • be a resident of the State of Colorado
  • have graduated from high school or have earned a GED
  • be admitted to a two or four-year accredited college, university, or trade school
  • demonstrate financial need
  • complete the required essay
  • participate in an interview if requested.

The amount awarded each recipient is determined by the selection committee according to the established criteria.

How do I apply?

Complete the application form and return to:

Zonta EducateZ Scholarship Application 2019

Our Past Zonta EducateZ Scholarship Recipients

Julie Pellerin

Julie Pellerin

Julie Pellerin- 2016

Our Zonta EducateZ Scholarship recipient for 2016 is Julie Pellerin, She is a single mother with 2 daughters Julie and a returning college student, She will be graduating from Front Range Community College this winter and is currently submit-ting her application to attend CU next spring semester. Julie is studying communications and with aspirations of working in media, non-profit fundraising and event planning. camping and hiking.

Amber Heartz

Amber Heartz

Amber Heartz- 2015

Amber Heartz as our first recipient. With our support she will be attending Compass Nursing Arts in Lafayette. We have awarded her an $1100 scholarship along with scrubs, a watch (needed for school) and a laptop computer to support her studies.

America Juarez Spring 2016 Zonta EducateZ Scholarship Recipient

America Juarez

America Juarez- 2015

America has worked hard since high school and has been a Zonta leader. She was the charter President for our Boulder High School Z Club and winner of our club’s 2013 Young Woman of Public Affairs Award. She was our District 12 winner for this award and in 2013 was one of Zonta International’s  top ten young women leaders in the world. America is a sophomore at University of Colorado Denver’s School of Education.

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