Marta - Wildlife ScienceMembers of Zonta Foothills Club of Boulder County mentor high school and college aged women. We help them navigate the challenges of school, planning for college, setting goals and just working through the obstacles of daily life. It is often a slow but very rewarding process as relationships develop.

We take our mentor role very seriously, remembering that we are partners with our mentee. We are on a journey together not as a parent or a teacher or a boss but Instead you are a friend, a role model, and a person  they can count on for a smile, a hug or just an ear to listen.  It’s a rewarding experience and one that we hope changes the lives.

We mentees we try to help our students learn about themselves as much as the world around them by following these 7 “C”s of Successful Mentoring…

  1. Connectiongabby at officer's meeting
  1. Competence
  1. Confidence
  1. Character
  1. Caring
  1. Contribution
  1. Culture

share a gift 4There is no one way to mentor except to show that we care.  Zonta Foothills Club is very proud of our work but more importantly of the girls who we have watched grow into leaders and scholars.

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