Our 2019 Zing Emcee Erica Sodos

This year Zing for Zonta will take you on a journey!!  Meet our emcee Erica Sodos.

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For more than 25 years Erica Sodos has been entertaining and inspiring audiences. Having made over 5000 appearances nationwide, Erica is a speaker, magician, psychic entertainer and one of the few female mentalists in the world. She teaches corporations and associations how to tap into and develop their everyday superpowers such as empathy, having a fantastic memory and shifting perceptions. Erica is known for her incredible memory and can memorize an entire Time magazine cover to cover in less then two hours.
Due to continuous packed houses, her monthly show The Magic Within, Psychic Explorations with Erica Sodos is one of the longest running solo shows in Denver, still running after six years. She is highly regarded in her field and has been featured on National Public Radio in a story exploring why women magicians are so rare. Erica portrays many mystical characters including faeries, a SuperSHEro and a witch, while teaching magical lore at events to people of all ages. Erica is also a theater educator, actress, compassionate vegan and activist.  www.ericasodos.com



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